Shower curtain cleaning

Having established that a moldy shower does not allow for a relaxing hot shower at the end of our day, one must find an easy and efficient way to deal with it. Let us discuss how to keep our shower curtains from the mold that keeps us from enjoying our shower.

One way to elongate the mold-free life of our curtains is to maintain them spread out instead of bunching them into a corner. This will allow for better drying and thus less mold will grow.

For the efficient and quick shower curtain cleaning, fill a bucket with vinegar, water, salt and rubbing alcohol mix. Place bucket carefully on rim of the tub. After bunching the shower curtain, dip the entire bottom of the curtain into the bucket. Let soak for a few hours. Remove and either wipe or scrub with a towel and finally rinse. Repeat as needed.

For a deep cleaning, take the curtain down and scrub with soap and water. Before placing back, soak the curtain in salt water to prevent mold re-growth.


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