Tackling calcium deposits

The thoughts of a relaxing hot shower at the end or beginning of your day is very appealing and rewarding. This feeling can easily be replaced with negative ones when entering a shower that has mold and calcium deposits.

How to claim back your shower? Easy! There are many tips and homemade recipes to overcome these calcium deposits and mold, but let us try to solve one issue at a time.

According to the US Geological Survey, nearly 85 percent of the U.S. has hard water. Hard water spots on our shower doors, shower frames and showerheads are caused by the minerals that our tap water contains, mainly calcium. These minerals make our water alkaline and this alkalinity can be tackled with acid solutions such as vinegar.

White Distilled Vinegar can be purchased in our local grocery stores for a mere $3.28 for a gallon.

To clean your showerhead, take a zip log bag, add vinegar and cover your showerhead with it, securing it with a rubber band or hair tie. Leave for an hour and check for progress. Repeat as needed.

To clean your shower doors, you need to take other measures. Vinegar will work on those hard water spots, however it will need time to dissolve those calcium deposits. To try to soak the glass door with vinegar, soak as many paper towels needed to cover the affected area and place on this area of the glass. Spray with vinegar every 10 minutes. Check glass after 30 minutes and scrub with a sponge. Use this same process with the shower frames. Repeat as needed.

Make this your monthly or even every two-month routine and enjoy those relaxing hot showers!

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