Nose-hair-safe oven cleaner?

Could there be an oven cleaner that doesn’t burn your nose hairs? If, I were to be asked this question, I would instantly say “No way! What could be strong enough to get the though burnt grease without burning everything else in close proximity?” I am all in for an effective hair removal process, but seriously, cleaning an oven is not the way to do it! Actually, the response to this question is as simple as baking soda.

This process takes time to work, but it is safe to your lungs and very safe for those nose hairs!

Cover the bottom of the oven with about a quarter inch of baking soda. Keep the baking soda moist by spraying water over it and let it sit overnight. Scoop all the goop out and clean with a sponge.

Now, you cannot longer use your nose hairs as an excuse to skip the oven cleaning!


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