About Us

Clean for health, then appearance

Philosophy. Clean for health, then appearance. It is possible for a home to portray a clean environment, but be totally unhealthy. For us, a clean home is defined as a house free of harmful bacteria. One of our priorities at Ruth & Ruth is to disinfect all areas so that you could live in a illness-free environment.

Protecting You and Your Home

We protect your home as if it was our own. A home is someone’s most sacred possession. We treat it that way by handling your key and your belongings as carefully as we handle our own. We are bonded and insured so you can have peace of mind when you invite Ruth & Ruth into your home. We value the trust that you place in us.

Our Guarantee

We are confident that after adapting to your house and traffic areas, we provide a service you can rely on cleaning after cleaning. A full and detailed cleaning each time we are at your home. We guarantee it.

If the cleaning was below your standards, we gladly return to rectify at no additional charge. It is not a “complaint” but a “helpful tip”. This is how we improve our service so we encourage our clients to inform us of anything.

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