Total Desk Clean Out

A home office should be the one of the most important rooms in your home as important tasks get accomplished in this area. A tidy and organized home office makes daily tasks less daunting and more enjoyable.

Desk Cleaning Tips:

1. Empty & sort:  Completely clear off your desk and empty all of the drawers.  Start sorting in the following manner:

*Sort paperwork by action (do, read, file, shred, recycle and toss)

*Test the supplies that you have been holding over the years. Toss any pens and highlighters that don’t work. Even sharpen dull pencils. Finally, donate or store surplus supplies.

* Sift through sticky notes and transfer information to where it belongs (address book, planner, computer) before tossing.

TIP: Sticky notes can quickly build up, making it a nightmare to sift through.  Keep a journal nearby for notes instead.

2. Make it shine:  The cleaner you keep your workspace, the more motivated you will be to keep it clutter-free.

*Take out drawers and clean them.  Dust electronics and disinfect counters.

3. Organize it all:  To keep your desk clutter-free, you need an organization system.  Use labels to organize your folders, or binders.  Keep your important dates in plain sight by posting them right in front of your computer.  Use an erasable calendar so that you can reuse it monthly.

TIP: photos and artwork can cramp your desk, so hang them instead.

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